Want More Romance In Your Life?

Romance is not all roses and champagne.......it is so much more. You don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy romance either. Romance is everywhere you are and it's yours for the taking! So let's start putting some romance in our lives today!!!!

Just imagine being with your partner in a small little log cabin and outside, the wind is howling and blowing the drifting white snow. Inside, you have a fire in the old fireplace and you have some warm blankets spread on the floor in front of it. The snow covered roof insulates you from all outside noises and all that you can hear are crackles from the burning wood. Since the cabin is so small, it takes no time to warm up to a nice toasty temperature.

As you sit close together and look into the flames, you realize that there are no phones ringing, no children demanding attention, no cleaning to do, it's just the two of you and the outside world does not exist. You gently kiss each other and enjoy the warm tender embrace. The memories are coming back to you about the way you both felt when you first fell in love. It's been so long since you both have felt this way. As you look in your partner's eyes, you see the love that attracted you and the strong emotions behind that love.

See, this is very romantic and it hasn't set you back one cent. You don't have to find a cabin in the woods, it can be at your own home and just put the daily pressures of life behind you for one night. It will do wonders to a relationship that has grown warm or even cold.

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